FrescoPelli’s range of articles places the company at the top of the world’s highest production levels, being a combination of good taste, new trends typical of Italian tanneries and an excellent quality/price ratio.

Suedes of various qualities are offered in a vast range of colours updated every season. Our Nappa articles have a soft feel, and can be vegetable tanned. The are available in various sizes and surfaces and in colours matching our suedes and kid leather. Kid leather, elegant or sporty and even aggressive but with a soft feel and natural grain, are also available vegetable tanned and white. Patent leather on various bases have a distinguishing soft touch. Calf leather and hides are tanned according to the Tuscan tradition.

From all these basic articles, a range of fashion articles is created and is renewed every year to either anticipate or follow the latest trends.

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    metallic nappa
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    sheep nappa
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