We take pleasure in announcing a result that fills us with pride: after a long process, ridden with obstacles, the transformation of FrescoPelli has been finally completed.

BEGINNINGS. We started our business in 1971 as raw skins suppliers for the finest tanneries, thus developing a deep knowledge of the purchase market.
The business relations and friendships acquired during these years, are the strong foundations on which the subsequent transformations of the company lay.

The 90’s. During the beginning of the 90’s, with the acquisition of tanneries overseas, we have started to offer wet blue and crust semi-tanned leather to those same tanneries which once purchased our raw, but also began selling to merchants and shoe manufacturers preparing the ground for the next transformation phase.

CONCERIA EFFEGI. In 1999, when the opportunity presented itself to acquire Conceria Effegi, we decided that it was the time to take a further step and use our experience of many years to begin producing exclusively for shoe and handbag manufacturers.
Supported by highly trained technicians and friends with expertise, who decided to follow us in this adventure, we began developing those articles (nappas, suedes, kid leather) which were at the basis of the success of Conceria EffeGi.

1999-2009. The following years were dedicated to the development of high fashion articles which allowed us to work with the finest brands of the Italian and international markets. In this way we have invested in our structure, increasing plants and existing co-operations and have built a production plant in China.

MERGER. 2009 was the year of the merger.
Conceria EffeGi was incorporated into FrescoPelli and the process of unification of the companies begins.

TODAY. We abandon the brand EffeGi with some regret and go back to using, after a period of partnership, our historical name, which in a few months will be 40 years old.
It goes without saying that the people which assisted you during these past years shall continue to follow you with the same care as always and the commitment to supply you with goods that are constantly updated to meet the market requirements.
Our product range is made of:

  • suedes, nappas, kids, cows, both full chrome and vegetable tanned; all available in various types, both for shoes and handbags, in order to be able to satisfy our customers’ needs;
  • fantasy articles, made on the many raw materials, which, by the use of different types of raw, become patent, metallics, stretch and prints, allowing us to offer products that are always abreast with the most recent fashion trends.